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Finding the Balance
In our current healthcare and wellness climate, it is easy to get confused about doing the right thing. Consider me your primary care provider for movement. As a licensed Physical Therapist, I am proudly charged to provide you with the most current, evidence-based information in diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions. As a Professional Yoga Therapist, I also use the tools of lifestyle medicine and yoga practice to address stress, sleep, daily habits, and nutrition, simply and effectively.

Professional Background

  • Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy through the UW-Madison Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program,

  • Level One Professional Yoga Therapist through Living Well Institute, and

  • Level One and Two trained Pelvic Floor specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association.

I have also worked in the nonprofit, retail, and wellness industry. I taught yoga for 10 years as an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance before becoming a physical therapist. I continue to teach yoga and offer continuing education for healthcare providers and yoga instructors.

Working with Persistent Pain?
I've been there. I, too, have experienced my fair share of roadblocks navigating the healthcare system. I am passionate about partnership-based healthcare, where your thoughts and experiences are a valued component of our decision making process.

Physical Therapy Services

I treat a wide variety of orthopedic conditions from head to toe.

Most people seek me out for help with chronic/persistent pain, joint hypermobility, and/or conditions affecting the hip, sacroiliac joints, low back, pelvic floor, neck, shoulders or ribs. People also find me because they are looking for a calm environment with enough appointment time in order to cost effectively address their concerns.

Specific interventions include:

Neuromuscular Re-education: Learn how to move again in a pain free manner, via prescribed movements that involve mirror feedback, therapist visual feedback, and hands on touch or use of props.

Manual Therapy: I utilize Muscle Energy Technique, myofascial release and joint mobilization techniques. Whenever possible, I teach you how to do the techniques to yourself at home in order to maximize results.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga: This is a wonderful methodology for the integration of yoga within a healthcare setting. I utilize breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation and mindfulness, and health coaching based on the highest level of evidence we have on safe and effective yoga practice.

Lifestyle Medicine: In order to effectively treat pain, we need to look at the whole picture. The evidence is overwhelming that pain - especially chronic pain - is not just due to tissue injury or posture. I provide up to date information on pain science, and how it applies to your condition. I partner with you in making simple shifts in your day-to-day life in order to leverage healing.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: I treat pelvic floor conditions including bowel and bladder problems as well as pelvic pain. You may also benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy if you have hip, SI joint, or low back pain without success from other treatments. This type of therapy involves assessment of the muscles and bones of your pelvis and hips, bowel and bladder health, and control of your core.

Wellness Services and Yoga Classes

If you are not in need of physical therapy but would like my support in reaching your personal goals, I am happy to be of service! I offer the following:

Online and in person yoga classes

Private and Semiprivate yoga instruction for up to 4 people

Education in yoga injury prevention

One-on-one yoga sessions

Visit the classes page for more information.

Collaborative Care

As a direct access physical therapist I am trained to assess if you need help from other professionals. I am networked with wide array of healthcare providers and wellness practitioners, including medical doctors, functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, acunpuncturists, personal trainers, massage therapists, mental health therapists, yoga therapists, and yoga instructors. If you are already seeing a professional, I am happy to collaborate and support their plan as we work together to reach your goals.