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Finding the Balance: In our current healthcare and wellness climate, it is easy to get confused about doing the right thing.  Consider us your primary care provider for movement. 

Autumn Bonner, DPT (she/her)


As a licensed Physical Therapist I apply up-to-date, evidence based practices to treat your injuries and/or pain.  I am also passionate about the role of curiosity, art, and emotion in healing.  I believe everyone deserves to feel well in their body and to work on their goals at their own pace. 

Working with Persistent Pain?
I've been there. I, too, have experienced my fair share of roadblocks navigating the healthcare system.  I am passionate about partnership-based healthcare, where your thoughts and experiences are a valued component of our decision making process. 

Sydney Mikulas, DPT (she/her)


I am a licensed Physical Therapist with a calming presence. I'm passionate about listening to your needs and finding the right balance to fit your body. I utilize an integrative approach that considers your whole person. 

Working with pain? I can relate. After experiencing injuries as an athlete, I know the fear and constant exhaustion that accompany pain and affect life.  I also relate to the experience of pregnancy and postpartum and the associated hurdles. 

Valerie Hesslink,   E-RYT 500 (she/her)


I am a passionate Yoga Teacher and MS candidate in Yoga Therapy who believes in the healing power of Yoga and wellness practices. My mission is to help others reconnect with the present moment, find joy in movement, and incorporate Yoga as a path to healing. When you decide to embrace your path, it can seem as if it was waiting for you all along. You learn it's exactly where you need to be. I am passionate about making yoga and wellness practices available to all bodies. 

Working with Persistent Pain? I live with managing pain in my body. My journey has led me to advocate for better solutions in working with pain, and my experiences have taught me that compassionate care goes a long way. Let's work together for a more holistic approach.


All of our therapists are continuously training and receiving mentoring in:
Trauma-Informed Care, LGBTQIA+, Health at Every Size, and Integrative Therapy.