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with Autumn Bonner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Welcome! I am a licensed Physical Therapist with an integrative focus. As a Professional Yoga Therapist who specializes in the evidence-based use of yoga in healthcare, I'm uniquely qualified to meet your needs. I'm passionate about partnership based healthcare in a slower paced, supportive atmosphere.


I worked with Autumn for strategies to improve chronic neck/shoulder pain I'd been experiencing for years. After the very first visit, I felt a HUGE improvement. Autumn spent so much time listening to my whole story, creating a plan for me that felt manageable, & helping me to learn more about my body. She is truly a gem and I'm so grateful to have gotten to work with her!


I have been seeing Autumn for over a year now and she is wonderful. I came in with acute pain in my back, knees and shoulder. Now I am almost pain free, much stronger and getting to the final layer to resolve knee pain. My husband and son, both athletes, have also been treated by Autumn and in just a few sessions she was able to diagnose and resolve flexibility and knee pain issues they were facing.


I just had my first appointment with Autumn and I can say that I have rarely encountered and more devoted a more conscientious therapist in any field. She's super patient, clear in her explanations and above all she listens to your body and provides surprising suggestions for exercises that will change your whole body image.


Autumn Bonner brings extensive knowledge of physiotherapy as well as body mechanics to analyzing deficiencies and tendencies, and developing an evolving and challenging therapeutic regimen. She is always empathetic and sincere, but not without a sense of humor, using gentle prodding, patience--and yes, even praise!--as part of the recuperative process. She works with the body at all its various levels, and with patients at the levels with which they come to her. E.g., my husband and I approach PT very differently and we both LOVE Autumn's approach. I am convinced I could not have faced the chronic condition I have without her support.