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Photo of a yoga, lifestyle medicine, and physical therapy video

Need a moment for mindful movement? Here is the link to my video page on Vimeo. 

Photo of pain science and yoga: Moving with Ease is a powerful analgesic.

Working with pain and need inspiration?  Check out Neil Pearson's PainCare Yoga Tips. 

Three yoga movements to help with stress and back pain, plus some well needed support for the difficulty of living with persistent pain.     

Need a referral? I highly recommend the licensed providers below.  Feel free to contact me for guidance:

Mental Health Therapy
- ClearPath Counseling and Wellness:
- Winding Path Psychotherapy:

- PaperCrane Massage:
- Dan Sage Bodwork:
- Unfurl Madison:

- Metta Acupuncture:

Physical Therapy
- Mindful Motion Physical Therapy:
- True PT:
- Pro PT:

- Schupp Chiropractic: -
- Innergy LLC:
- New Moon Wellness:

In need of urgent care?  Consider the UW OrthoCare now on the east side of town:  Schupp Chiropractic and Pro Physical Therapy, listed above, also do a wonderful job of fitting people in who urgently need care.