What is Long COVID?

Long COVID, also known as PASC (Post Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2), is a chronic condition recognized by the National Institute of Health, World Health Institute, and American Disability Association.  Long COVID significantly affects your ability to work, socialize, take care of yourself, and exercise.  

While there are over 200 documented symptoms associated with Long COVID, the hallmark symptoms are: 

If you've experienced sudden onset of these symptoms within 2 weeks to 3 months after recovering from an acute COVID-19 infection, you may be experiencing Long COVID.  

How can you help me if I have Long COVID?

We can do a lot! It's hard to navigate a chronic illness alone, and we are here for you.  Our therapies for people with Long COVID include: 

While the research is unclear on cures for Long COVID, the current medical consensus is that conservative strategies, such as our services, will help you function better and lessen your suffering.  

Services and Rates

We are a 100% cash-based physical therapist and do not take any insurance plans. Autumn made this decision when starting the business in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible for your needs.   We are also passionate about slow healthcare  - giving you the time you need to feel heard and safe during our therapy sessions, and confident in the plan we create together.  

Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation - In Person or Telehealth 75-90 minutes, $195

Physical Therapy Follow-Up/Progress Check-ins - In Person or Telehealth 60 minutes, $135

Are you a provider looking to improve your skills in treating people with Long COVID? We offer online and in-person trainings at your practice.  Send Autumn an email: autumn@bonnerphysicaltherapy.com.