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My clinic hours are 12:00 through 6:30 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Office hours are Mondays and Fridays from 11:00-2:30 if you would like to reach me or my Admin on the phone.  

Who can see Autumn for Physical Therapy?

Most anyone* within the state of Wisconsin can see me for Physical Therapy Services.  You do not need a referral from a doctor - Physical Therapists enjoy direct access in the state of Wisconsin!  

*If you are 1) enrolled in Medicare and/or 2) live out of state, I am regretfully unable to provide Physical Therapy services, even on a cash-pay basis.  I am happy to see you for any of my wellness services, which does include one hour yoga sessions and wellness checkups. Click here to learn more about these options. 

Attention: Are you a recipient of Medicare? 

If you are enrolled in Medicare, I am regretfully unable to provide Physical Therapy services.  I am happy to see you for any of my wellness services, which do include one hour yoga sessions and wellness/preventative health checkups.  Click here to learn more about these options. 

Services and Rates

I am a 100% cash-based physical therapist and do not take any insurance plans. I made this decision in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible for your needs.   I am also passionate about slow healthcare  - giving you the time you need to feel heard and safe during our therapy sessions, and confident in the plan we create together.  

Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation - In Person or Telehealth
75-90 minutes, $175
Included in this session are evaluation and manual therapy plus movement treatment of your injury or condition, lifestyle medicine assessment including optional enrollment in the HealthSnap app, post-appointment communication including the sending of an individual health plan and limited messaging or phone follow-up. 

Physical Therapy Follow-Up/Progress Check-ins - In Person or Telehealth
60 minutes, $120 or 4 session package* for $440 ($40 savings)
Included in these sessions are manual therapy + movement treatment of your injury or condition, continued lifestyle medicine advising, and post appointment communication as needed.   This is a better choice if you need more time and support and/or have more than one concern/condition. 

*Appointment packages are designed to support you if you need more frequent follow-up. To make progress, whether an acute or chronic issue -- a therapy package with frequent visits can help your learning and healing process along much more than with spread out appointments.   If you are recovering from a surgery, and/or if you are experiencing persistent acute pain this is an especially good choice.   Appointments from these packages need to be used within your physical therapy plan of care, meaning within 10 weeks from purchase. 

**I care about being accessible.  I do have space for a limited number of clients on a sliding scale basis.  Please contact me directly if this interests you -, 608-373-1935.


Please fill out the following forms to the best of your ability.  These forms need to be completed before your first appointment in order for Autumn to see you.  

If you already know you would like Autumn to send documentation to another provider, please fill out the following Release form.  Otherwise we can use this form later if needed. 

Seeking Autumn for help with a pelvic floor condition?  

Why Schedule a Telehealth Appointment? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has required all of us to get more creative with our interactions.  Seeing me via telehealth is a safe way for you to receive all of my services, of course with the exception of hands-on touch. Many of my patients now prefer telehealth because they enjoy the convenience of not traveling, the opportunity for me to see their home environment, and the empowerment they experience in learning new strategies for self care. 

Unsure if telehealth is right for you? Please click above to request a free 15 minute phone consultation.